Atlas of the Flora of New England

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Genera - T

Thelypteris (see also Phegopteris)
Thlaspi (see also Microthlaspi)
Tofieldia (see Triantha)
Tovara (see Persicaria)
Trichomanes (see Crepidomanes)
Trientalis (see Lysimachia)
Trigonella (see also Medicago)
Triodia (see Tridens)
Trisetum (see also Graphephorum and Sphenopholis)
Tunica (see Petrorhagia)

TAENIATHERUM (Family: Poaceae)

TAENIATHERUM CAPUT-MEDUSAE (Linnaeus) Nevski - . 2n = 14.

Waste places. From Europe. ELYMUS CAPUT-MEDUSAE Linnaeus]

TAENIDIA (Family: Apiaceae)

Taenidia integerrima (Linnaeus) Drude - Yellow Pimpernel. 2n = 22.

Dry, open, rocky woodlands near shores.

TAGETES (Family: Asteraceae)

TAGETES ERECTA Linnaeus - African Marigold. 2n = 24, (48).

Waste places. From Mexico, Central and South America. [T. PATULA Linnaeus; T. SIGNATA Bartling; T. TENUIFOLIA Cavanilles]

TAGETES MINUTA Linnaeus - Southern Marigold. 2n = 48.

Waste places, fields. From South America.

TAMARIX (Family: Tamaricaceae)

TAMARIX PARVIFLORA de Candolle - . 2n = ?

Waste places, sandy roadsides. From southeastern Europe, southwestern Asia.

TAMARIX RAMOSISSIMA Ledebour - Pink Tamarisk. 2n = 22, 24.

Dry gravel fill over salt marsh. From eastern Europe, Asia. [T. PENTANDRA Pallas - illegitimate name]

TANACETUM (Family: Asteraceae)

TANACETUM BALSAMITA Linnaeus - Costmary. 2n = 18, 54.

Roadsides. From Asia. [CHRYSANTHEMUM BALSAMITA (Linnaeus) Baillon]

Tanacetum bipinnatum (Linnaeus) Schultz-Bipontinus - 2n = 54.

Gravelly or sandy riverbanks. [T. huronense Nuttall var. huronense; T. huronense var. johannense Fernald]

TANACETUM PARTHENIUM (Linnaeus) Schultz-Bipontinus - Feverfew. 2n = 18, (36).

Roadsides, waste places. From Europe. [CHRYSANTHEMUM PARTHENIUM (Linnaeus) Bernhardi]

TANACETUM VULGARE Linnaeus - Common Tansy. 2n = 18.

Roadsides, field borders, waste places. From Eurasia.

TARAXACUM (Family: Asteraceae)

TARAXACUM ERYTHROSPERMUM Andrzejowski ex Besser - Red-seeded Dandelion. 2n = 16, 24, 32.

Dry fields, woods, ledges, roadsides, and waste places. From Eurasia. [T. LAEVIGATUM misapplied]

TARAXACUM HAMATUM Raunkiaer - . 2n = 24.

Pastures. From Europe.

Taraxacum latilobum de Candolle - 2n = ?

Rich slopes and talus, often calcareous.

TARAXACUM OFFICINALE F.H. Wiggers - Common Dandelion. 2n = (16), 24, (26), (32), (48).

Fields, meadows, roadsides, waste places. From Europe. [T. OFFICINALE F.H. Wiggers var. PALUSTRE Blytt]

TARAXACUM PALUSTRE (Lyons) Symons - 2n = 24, 32, 40.

Wet ditches, roadsides, fields and waste places. From Europe.

TARENAYA (Family: Cleomaceae)

TARENAYA HASSLERIANA (Chodat) H.H. Iltis - Pink-queen. 2n = 20.

Waste places, roadsides. From South America. [CLEOME HASSLERIANA Chodat; C. SPINOSA misapplied]

TAXUS (Family: Taxaceae)

Taxus canadensis Marshall - American Yew. 2n = 24.

Damp, rich, or swampy woods, mostly in the shade of conifers, ravines and near streams, occasionally on moist, rocky slopes at higher elevations.    CONN herbarium image

TAXUS CUSPIDATA Siebold & Zuccarini - Japanese Yew. 2n = 24.

Open woods. From eastern Asia.    CONN herbarium image

TEESDALIA (Family: Brassicaceae)

TEESDALIA NUDICAULIS (Linnaeus) W.T. Aiton - Shepherd’s Cress. 2n = 36.

Sandy fields, roadsides, waste places. From Eurasia.

TEPHROSIA (Family: Fabaceae)

Tephrosia virginiana (Linnaeus) Persoon - Goat’s-rue. 2n = 22.

Dry, sandy, clearings and open woods, ledges, fields, roadsides, railroads.

TETRAGONIA (Family: Aizoaceae)

TETRAGONIA TETRAGONOIDES (Pallas) Kuntze - New Zealand Spinach. 2n = 32.

Waste places. From eastern Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands.

TEUCRIUM (Family: Lamiaceae)

TEUCRIUM BOTRYS Linnaeus - Cut-leaf Germander. 2n = 32.

Dry or rocky fields, often calcareous. From Europe.

Teucrium canadense Linnaeus var. canadense - American Germander. 2n = 32.

Salt marsh margins, wet woodlands, shores, wet thickets. [T. canadense var. virginicum (Linnaeus) Eaton; T. occidentale A. Gray var. boreale (E.P. Bicknell) Fernald]

Teucrium canadense Linnaeus var. occidentale (A. Gray) E.M. McClintock & Epling - . 2n = ?

Alluvial soil, shores. [T. occidentale A. Gray var. occidentale]

TEUCRIUM SCORODONIA Linnaeus - Wood Germander. 2n = 32, (34).

Open woodlands. From Europe, northwestern Africa.

THALICTRUM (Family: Ranunculaceae)

Thalictrum dasycarpum Fischer & Avé-Lallemant - Purple Meadow-rue. 2n = 168.

Meadows, shores, wet thickets.

Thalictrum dioicum Linnaeus - Early Meadow-rue. 2n = 14.

Rich, rocky woods.

Thalictrum hepaticum Greene - Skunk Meadow-rue. 2n = 140.

Dry, open woods, often rocky. [T. revolutum de Candolle - illegitimate name] Note: The name T. hepaticum for this taxon is a possible (perhaps likely) solution to what name should replace the illegitimate T. revolutum de Candolle, pending a review of the earliest valid name applicable.

Thalictrum pubescens Pursh - Tall Meadow-rue. 2n = 84, 126, 154.

Meadows and other low, wet ground, usually in the open. [T. polygamum Muhlenberg ex Sprengel; T. polygamum Muhlenberg ex Sprengel var. hebecarpum (Fernald) B. Boivin; T. polygamum Muhlenberg ex Sprengel var. intermedium B. Boivin]

Thalictrum thalictroides (Linnaeus) A.J. Eames & B. Boivin - Rue-anemone. 2n = 14.

Dry, open woods. [Anemonella thalictroides (Linnaeus) Spach]

Thalictrum venulosum Trelease - Northern Meadow-rue. 2n = 42.

Sandy or gravelly shores, river thickets. [T. venulosum var. confine (Fernald) B. Boivin; T. confine Fernald]

THASPIUM (Family: Apiaceae)

Thaspium trifoliatum (Linnaeus) A. Gray var. trifoliatum - Purple Meadow-parsnip. 2n = 22.

Rich woodlands.

THELYPTERIS (Family: Thelypteridaceae)

Thelypteris noveboracensis (Linnaeus) Nieuwland - New York Fern. 2n = 54.

Moist woods and thickets. [Dryopteris noveboracensis (Linnaeus) A. Gray] CONN herbarium image

Thelypteris palustris Schott var. pubescens (G. Lawson) Fernald - Marsh Fern. 2n = 70.

Swamps, low damp thickets, meadows, marshes, bogs, along ditches and streams. [Dryopteris thelypteris (Linnaeus) A. Gray var. pubescens (G. Lawson) A. Prince ex Weatherby] CONN herbarium image

Thelypteris simulata (Davenport) Nieuwland - Massachusetts Fern. 2n = 128.

Swampy or boggy woods and thickets, on knolls in bogs, in acid soils. [Dryopteris simulata Davenport]
CONN herbarium image

THERMOPSIS (Family: Fabaceae)

THERMOPSIS VILLOSA (Walter) Fernald & B.G. Schubert - . 2n = ?

Roadsides, fields. From farther south.

THINOPYRUM (Family: Poaceae)

THINOPYRUM PYCNANTHUM (Godron) Barkworth - . 2n = 42.

Salt marshes, sandy shores. From Europe. [AGROPYRON PUNGENS misapplied; A. PUNGENS (Persoon) Roemer & Schultes var. ACADIENSE (F.T. Hubbard) Fernald; A. PYCNANTHUM (Godron) Godron & Grenier; ELYMUS PYCNANTHUS (Godron) Melderis; ELYTRIGIA PUNGENS (Persoon) Tutin]

THLADIANTHA (Family: Cucurbitaceae)

THLADIANTHA DUBIA Bunge - Red Hailstone. 2n = 18.

Waste places. From eastern Asia.

THLASPI (Family: Brassicaceae)

THLASPI ARVENSE Linnaeus - Field Penny-cress. 2n = 14.

Roadsides, waste places, fields. From Eurasia.

THUJA (Family: Cupressaceae)

Thuja occidentalis Linnaeus - Arbor-vitae. 2n = 22.

Swamps, rocky banks of ponds and rivers, old pastures, in calcareous soils.    CONN herbarium image

THYMOPHYLLA (Family: Asteraceae)

THYMOPHYLLA TENUILOBA (de Candolle) Small var. TENUILOBA - Dahlberg Daisy. 2n = 16, 24, 32, 40.

From Texas, Mexico. [DYSSODIA TENUILOBA (de Candolle) B.L. Robinson]

THYMUS (Family: Lamiaceae)

THYMUS PULEGIOIDES Linnaeus - Lemon Thyme. 2n = 28.

Dry fields, roadsides, waste places. From Europe. [T. SERPYLLUM misapplied]

THYMUS VULGARIS Linnaeus - Garden Thyme. 2n = (28), 30, (48), (56).

Waste places. From southern Europe, northwestern Africa.

TIARELLA (Family: Saxifragaceae)

Tiarella cordifolia Linnaeus - Foamflower. 2n = 14.

Rich, moist, deciduous woods.

TILIA (Family: Malvaceae)

Tilia americana Linnaeus - Basswood. 2n = 82.

Rich woods. [T. americana var. caroliniana (Miller) Castiglioni; T. americana var. heterophylla (Ventenat) Loudon; T. glabra Ventenat - illegitimate name; T. heterophylla Ventenat; T. neglecta Spach; T. pubescens Aiton]

TILIA CORDATA Miller - . 2n = 82.

Roadsides, railroads, hedgerows, woodland margins, floodplain woods. From Eurasia.

TILIA PLATYPHYLLOS Scopoli - Large-leaved Linden. 2n = 82.

Roadsides. From Europe, Turkey.

Tilia hybrid

TILIA X EUROPAEA Linnaeus (pro species) - .

[T. CORDATA Miller X T. PLATYPHYLLOS Scopoli; T. X VULGARIS Hayne (pro species)]

TILLAEA (Family: Crassulaceae)

Tillaea aquatica Linnaeus - Common Pigmyweed. 2n = 42.

Tidal mud flats, coastal marshes, pond shores, river margins, vernal pools. [Crassula aquatica (Linnaeus) Schönland; C. saginoides (Maximowicz) M. Bywater & Wickens]

TIPULARIA (Family: Orchidaceae)

Tipularia discolor (Pursh) Nuttall - Crane-fly Orchid. 2n = ?.

Rich, damp, oak-holly-beech woods.

TORILIS (Family: Apiaceae)

TORILIS JAPONICA (Houttuyn) de Candolle - . 2n = (12), 16, (18).

Woodland margins, roadsides, waste places. From Eurasia.

TORILIS LEPTOPHYLLA (Linnaeus) Reichenbach (son) - . 2n = 12, (24).

Waste places. From Eurasia, northern Africa.

TORREYOCHLOA (Family: Poaceae)

Torreyochloa pallida (Torrey) G.L. Church var. pallida - . 2n = 14.

Pools, pond margins. [Glyceria pallida (Torrey) Trinius; Puccinellia pallida (Torrey) R.T. Clausen]

Torreyochloa pallida (Torrey) G.L. Church var. fernaldii (Hitchcock) Dore - . 2n = ?

Shallow water, wet places. [Glyceria fernaldii (Hitchcock) H. St. John; G. pallida (Torrey) Trinius var. fernaldii Hitchcock]

TOXICODENDRON (Family: Anacardiaceae)

Toxicodendron radicans (Linnaeus) Kuntze subsp. radicans - Poison Ivy. 2n = 30.

Roadsides, thickets, stone walls, fencerows, open woodlands, woodland margins, open sandy or rocky soil, often in disturbed sites. [Rhus radicans Linnaeus]

Toxicodendron radicans (Linnaeus) Kuntze subsp. negundo (Greene) Gillis - . 2n = 30.

Rich woodlands. [T. radicans var. negundo (Greene) Reveal]

Toxicodendron rydbergii (Small ex Rydberg) Greene - Western Poison Ivy. 2n = 30.

Woodlands, rocky slopes, roadsides. [Rhus radicans Linnaeus var. rydbergii (Small ex Rydberg) Rehder; R. radicans var. vulgaris (Michaux) de Candolle]

Toxicodendron vernix (Linnaeus) Kuntze - Poison Sumac. 2n = 30.

Swamps, wetland margins. [Rhus vernix Linnaeus]

Toxicodendron hybrid

Toxicodendron radicans (Linnaeus) Kuntze X T. rydbergii (Small ex Rydberg) Greene - .

TRADESCANTIA (Family: Commelinaceae)

TRADESCANTIA BRACTEATA Small - Sticky Spiderwort. 2n = 12, (18), (24).

Roadsides. From farther west.   MASS herbarium image

Tradescantia ohiensis Rafinesque - Smooth Spiderwort. 2n = 12, (18), 24.

Roadsides, waste places, thickets.   CONN herbarium image

Tradescantia virginiana Linnaeus - Widow's Tears. 2n = 12, 18, 24, 24 + (1-6)B.

Roadsides, waste places, thickets.   CONN herbarium image

Tradescantia hybrids

Tradescantia ohiensis Rafinesque X T. SUBASPERA Ker Gawler - .

Tradescantia ohiensis Rafinesque X T. virginiana Linnaeus - .

TRAGOPOGON (Family: Asteraceae)

TRAGOPOGON DUBIUS Scopoli - Yellow Salsify. 2n = 12.

Fields, roadsides, waste places. From Eurasia. [T. MAJOR Jacquin]

TRAGOPOGON PORRIFOLIUS Linnaeus - Salsify. 2n = 12.

Fields, roadsides. From Eurasia, northern Africa.

TRAGOPOGON PRATENSIS Linnaeus - Goat’s-beard. 2n = 12.

Fields, meadows, roadsides. From Eurasia.

TRAGUS (Family: Poaceae)

TRAGUS BERTERONIANUS Schultes - . 2n = 20.

Ballast, wool waste. From the Old World.

TRAGUS RACEMOSUS (Linnaeus) Allioni - . 2n = 40.

Ballast, waste areas. From the Old World.

TRAPA (Family: Lythraceae)

TRAPA NATANS Linnaeus - Water-chestnut. 2n = (36), (40), (44), (46), 48, (76), (90), 96.

Roadside ditches, damp clearings, meadows, waste places.

TRIADENUM (Family: Hypericaceae)

Triadenum fraseri (Spach) Gleason - . 2n = 38.

Bogs, marshes, swamps, shores. [Hypericum fraseri (Spach) Steudel; H. virginicum Linnaeus var. fraseri (Spach) Fernald]

Triadenum virginicum (Linnaeus) Rafinesque - Marsh St. John’s-wort. 2n = 38.

Bogs, marshes, swamps, shores. [H. virginicum Linnaeus]

TRIANTHA (Family: Tofieldiaceae)

Triantha glutinosa (Michaux) Baker - . 2n = 30.

Marshes (basic), bogs, shores. [Tofieldia glutinosa (Michaux) Persoon]

TRICHOPHORUM (Family: Cyperaceae)

Trichophorum alpinum (Linnaeus) Persoon - . 2n = 58.

Bogs, meadows and wet rocks, often in calcareous soil. [Eriophorum alpinum Linnaeus; Scirpus hudsonianus (Michaux) Fernald]

Trichophorum cespitosum (Linnaeus) Hartman Deer's Hair - . 2n = 104.

Bogs, shores, and cliffs, often on mountains. [Scirpus cespitosus Linnaeus; S. cespitosus var. callosus Bigelow; S. cespitosus var. delicatulus Fernald]

Trichophorum clintonii (A. Gray) S.G. Smith - . 2n = ?

Dry ledges and river shores. [Scirpus clintonii A. Gray]

Trichophorum planifolium (Sprengel) Palla - . 2n = ?

Dry, rocky deciduous woods. [Scirpus verecundus Fernald]

TRICHOSTEMA (Family: Lamiaceae)

Trichostema brachiatum Linnaeus - False Pennyroyal. 2n = 14.

Woodland borders, hillsides, ledges, in dry, often calcareous, soil. [Isanthus brachiatus (Linnaeus) Britton, Sterns & Poggenburg]

Trichostema dichotomum Linnaeus - Bluecurls. 2n = 38.

Dry, open, sandy soil, waste places, roadsides, fields.

Trichostema setaceum Linnaeus - . 2n = 38.

Dry sands.

TRICYRTIS (Family: Liliaceae)

TRICYRTIS HIRTA (Thunberg) Hooker - Toad Lily. 2n = 24-26, 37.

Open woods. From eastern Asia.

TRIDENS (Family: Poaceae)

Tridens flavus (Linnaeus) Hitchcock var. flavus - Purpletop. 2n = 40.

Dry fields, roadsides. [Triodia flava (Linnaeus) Smyth]

TRIFOLIUM (Family: Fabaceae)

TRIFOLIUM ARVENSE Linnaeus - Rabbit’s-foot Clover. 2n = 14.

Dry roadsides, fields, waste places. From Eurasia, northern Africa.

TRIFOLIUM AUREUM Pollich - Yellow Clover. 2n = 14, (16).

Roadsides, dry fields, waste places. From Eurasia. [T. AGRARIUM Linnaeus]

TRIFOLIUM CAMPESTRE Schreber - Low Hop Clover. 2n = 14, (16).

Roadsides, dry fields, waste places. From Eurasia, northern Africa. [T. PROCUMBENS Linnaeus]

TRIFOLIUM DALMATICUM Visiani - . 2n = 10.

Waste places. From southeastern Europe.

TRIFOLIUM DICHOTOMUM Hooker & Arnott - . 2n = 32.

Wool waste. From farther west.

TRIFOLIUM DUBIUM Sibthorp - Small Hop Clover. 2n = (14), (16), (28), 32.

Dry roadsides and fields, waste places. From Eurasia, northern Africa.

TRIFOLIUM ECHINATUM M. Bieberstein - Hedgehog Clover. 2n = 16.

Wool waste. From Eurasia, northern Africa.

TRIFOLIUM HYBRIDUM Linnaeus - Alsike Clover. 2n = 16, (32).

Roadsides, fields, meadows, clearings. From Eurasia, northern Africa. [T. HYBRIDUM var. ELEGANS (Savi) Boissier]

TRIFOLIUM INCARNATUM Linnaeus - Crimson Clover. 2n = 14.

Fields, waste places, roadsides. From Eurasia. [T. INCARNATUM var. ELATIUS Gibelli & Belli]

TRIFOLIUM MEDIUM Linnaeus - Zigzag Clover. 2n = (16), 48, 80, (84), (ca. 126), (ca. 130).

Oak woods, fields, roadsides, hillsides. From Eurasia.


Wool waste. From farther west.

TRIFOLIUM PRATENSE Linnaeus - Red Clover. 2n = 14, (16), (28).

Fields, meadows, waste places, roadsides, clearings. From Eurasia, northern Africa. [T. PRATENSE var. SATIVUM (Schreber) Cincovic]

TRIFOLIUM PURPUREUM Loiseleur-Deslongchamps - Purple Clover. 2n = 14, (16).

Wool waste. From Eurasia, northern Africa.

TRIFOLIUM REPENS Linnaeus - White Clover. 2n = (16), (24), (28), (30), 32, (64).

Meadows, waste places, fields, roadsides. From Eurasia, northern Africa.

TRIFOLIUM RESUPINATUM Linnaeus - Persian Clover. 2n = 16, (32).

Waste areas. From Eurasia, northern Africa.

TRIFOLIUM STRIATUM Linnaeus - Knotted Clover. 2n = 14, (16).

Sandy fields. From Eurasia, northern Africa.

TRIFOLIUM SUBTERRANEUM Linnaeus - . 2n = (12), 16.

Wool waste. From Eurasia, northern Africa.

TRIFOLIUM TOMENTOSUM Linnaeus - . 2n = 16.

Wool waste. From Eurasia, northern Africa.

TRIGLOCHIN (Family: Juncaginaceae)

Triglochin gaspensis Lieth & D. Löve - . 2n = 96, (106), (120), (122), (144).

Salt marshes.

Triglochin maritima Linnaeus - . 2n = (12), (24), (30), (36), 48, (96), (120), (144).

Salt, brackish and freshwater marshes.

Triglochin palustris Linnaeus - . 2n = 24, (26), (28), (36).

Salt marshes and river shores.

TRIGONELLA (Family: Fabaceae)

TRIGONELLA CORNICULATA (Linnaeus) Linnaeus - . 2n = 16, (18), (24), (32).

Ballast waste. From Eurasia.

TRILLIUM (Family: Melanthiaceae)

Trillium cernuum Linnaeus - Nodding Trillium. 2n = 10.

Rich, damp woods, most often in acid soil. [T. cernuum var. macranthum Eames & Wiegand]

Trillium erectum Linnaeus - Purple Trillium. 2n = 10.

Rich woods. [T. erectum var. blandum Jennison]

Trillium grandiflorum (Michaux) Salisbury - Snowy Trillium. 2n = 10.

Rich, usually basic, woods and thickets.

Trillium undulatum Willdenow - Painted Trillium. 2n = 10.

Rich, usually wet, woods in acidic soils.

TRIODANIS (Family: Campanulaceae)

Triodanis perfoliata (Linnaeus) Nieuwland - Venus’s Looking-glass. 2n = 56.

Woods, ledges, sandy soil, sterile, often disturbed, open ground. [Specularia perfoliata (Linnaeus) A. de Candolle]

TRIOSTEUM (Family: Caprifoliaceae)

Triosteum angustifolium Linnaeus - Yellow Horse-Gentian. 2n = ?

Rocky, rich woods, thickets.

Triosteum aurantiacum E.P. Bicknell var. aurantiacum - Red Horse-Gentian. 2n = ?

Dry, rich, rocky woods, thickets.

Triosteum perfoliatum Linnaeus - Tinker’s-weed. 2n = 18.

Woods, thickets, usually in rocky or thin soil.

Triosteum hybrid

Triosteum X eamesii (Wiegand) A.Haines - .

[T. angustifolium Linnaeus X T. aurantiacum E.P. Bicknell]

TRIPHORA (Family: Orchidaceae)

Triphora trianthophoros (Swartz) Rydberg subsp. trianthophoros - Nodding Pogonia. 2n = 44.

Deep humus of rich moist woods with Fagus, often on rotten logs.

TRIPLASIS (Family: Poaceae)

Triplasis purpurea (Walter) Chapman - Purple Sandgrass. 2n = 40.

Sand dunes.

TRIPLEUROSPERMUM (Family: Asteraceae)

TRIPLEUROSPERMUM INODORUM (Linnaeus) Schultz-Bipontinus - Scentless Chamomile. 2n = 18, 36.

Fields, roadsides, waste places. From Eurasia. [T. MARITIMUM (Linnaeus) W.D.J. Koch subsp. INODORUM (Linnaeus) Applequist; MATRICARIA MARITIMA Linnaeus var. AGRESTIS (Knaf) Wilmott; M. PERFORATA Mérat]

TRIPLEUROSPERMUM MARITIMUM (Linnaeus) W.D.J. Koch subsp. MARITIMUM - Sea Mayweed. 2n = 16, (36).

Waste places and roadsides near the coast. From Europe. [MATRICARIA MARITIMA Linnaeus var. MARITIMA]

TRIPSACUM (Family: Poaceae)

Tripsacum dactyloides (Linnaeus) Linnaeus - Eastern Gamagrass. 2n = (18), 36, (45), (54), 72, (90), (108).

Shores, salt marsh borders.

TRIRAPHIS (Family: Poaceae)

TRIRAPHIS MOLLIS R. Brown - Purple Heads. 2n = ?

Wool waste. From Australia.

TRISETUM (Family: Poaceae)

TRISETUM FLAVESCENS (Linnaeus) P. Beauvois - Yellow Oats. 2n = 12, 24, 28, 36, (38), (40).

Fields, roadsides. From Europe.

Trisetum spicatum (Linnaeus) K. Richter - . 2n = (14), 28, (42), (56).

Wet ledges, shores. [T. spicatum var. molle (Kunth) Beal; T. spicatum var. pilosiglume Fernald]

TRITICUM (Family: Poaceae)

TRITICUM AESTIVUM Linnaeus - Wheat. 2n = (14), (21), (34), (41), 42, (44), (56).

Waste places. From Eurasia.

TRITICUM TURGIDUM Linnaeus - . 2n = (14), (21), 28, (38), (42).

Waste places. From Eurasia.

TROLLIUS (Family: Ranunculaceae)

Trollius laxus Salisbury - Spreading Globe-flower. 2n = 32.

Meadows and open swamps in calcareous soil.

TROPAEOLUM (Family: Tropaeolaceae)

TROPAEOLUM MAJUS Linnaeus - Garden Nasturtium. 2n = (24), 28.

Waste places, roadsides. From South America.

TROPAEOLUM MINUS Linnaeus - Dwarf Nasturtium. 2n = 28.

Roadsides near dwellings. From South America.

TROPIDOCARPUM (Family: Brassicaceae)

TROPIDOCARPUM GRACILE Hooker - Dobie Pod. 2n = 16.

Wool waste. From farther west.

TSUGA (Family: Pinaceae)

Tsuga canadensis (Linnaeus) Carrière - Eastern Hemlock. 2n = 24.

Cool moist slopes, ravines, moist woods, swamps, mucky soils near ponds and streams.    CONN herbarium image

TULIPA (Family: Liliaceae)

TULIPA GESNERIANA Linnaeus - Garden Tulip. 2n = 24, (25), (26), 36, (48).

Waste areas. From Eurasia.

TULIPA SYLVESTRIS Linnaeus - . 2n = (24), 48.

Meadows. From Europe.

TURRITIS (Family: Brassicaceae)

Turritis glabra Linnaeus - Tower-mustard. 2n = 12, (16), (32).

Rich, open woods, ledges, fields, railroads. [Arabis glabra (Linnaeus) Bernhardi]

TUSSILAGO (Family: Asteraceae)

TUSSILAGO FARFARA Linnaeus - Coltsfoot. 2n = 60.

Brooksides, moist banks, railroads, waste places, roadsides, trail edges. From Eurasia, northern Africa.

TYPHA (Family: Typhaceae)

TYPHA ANGUSTIFOLIA Linnaeus - . 2n = 30, (60).

Salt marshes, inland marshes, mostly alkaline or near highways. From Eurasia, northern Africa.

Typha latifolia Linnaeus - Common Cat-tail. 2n = 30.

Marshes, shores, roadside ditches.

Typha hybrid

Typha X glauca Godron (pro species) - .

[T. angustifolia Linnaeus X T. latifolia Linnaeus]

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