Atlas of the Flora of New England

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Genera - M

Matricaria (see also Tripleurospermum)
Megalodonta (See Bidens)
Millegrana (see Radiola)
Mimulus (see also Diplacus & Erythranthe)
Montia (see also Claytonia)
Mulgedium (see Lactuca)
Myrica (see also Morella)

MACLEAYA (Family: Papaveraceae)

MACLEAYA CORDATA (Willdenow) R. Brown - Plume-poppy. 2n = (10), 20.

Waste places, thickets, roadsides. From eastern Asia.

MACLURA (Family: Moraceae)

MACLURA POMIFERA (Rafinesque) C.K. Schneider - Osage-orange. 2n = 56.

Fields, roadsides. From farther west and south.

MADIA (Family: Asteraceae)

MADIA GLOMERATA Hooker - Mountain Tarweed. 2n = 28.

Waste places, roadsides. From farther west.

MADIA GRACILIS (Smith) D.D. Keck - 2n = 32, 48.

Fields, waste places. From farther west. [M. DISSITIFLORA (Nuttall) Torrey & A. Gray; M. SATIVA Molina subsp. DISSITIFLORA (Nuttall) D.D. Keck]

MADIA SATIVA Molina - 2n = 32.

Fields, waste places, roadsides. From farther west. [M. SATIVA var. CONGESTA Torrey & A. Gray]

MAGNOLIA (Family: Magnoliaceae)

Magnolia acuminata (Linnaeus) Linnaeus - Cucumber-tree. 2n = 76.

Rich woods.

MAGNOLIA MACROPHYLLA Michaux - Great-leaved Magnolia. 2n = 38.

Escaped in sandy, deciduous woodlands. From farther south and west.

MAGNOLIA TRIPETALA (Linnaeus) Linnaeus - Umbrella-tree. 2n = 38.

Escaped in rich woodlands. From farther south and west.

Magnolia virginiana Linnaeus - Sweet-bay. 2n = 38, (76).

Swamps, low woods.

MAIANTHEMUM (Family: Asparagaceae)

Maianthemum canadense Desfontaines - Canada Mayflower. 2n = 36, (54), (72).

Woods, clearings. [M. canadense var. interius Fernald]   CONN herbarium image

Maianthemum racemosum (Linnaeus) Link subsp. racemosum - False Solomon's-seal. 2n = 36, (72), (144).

Woods, clearings. [Smilacina racemosa (Linnaeus) Desfontaines; S. racemosa var. cylindrata Fernald]   NEBC herbarium image

Maianthemum stellatum (Linnaeus) Link - . 2n = 36, (54).

Sandy soil of shores, hillsides, fields, thickets. [Smilacina stellata (Linnaeus) Desfontaines; S. stellata var. crassa Victorin]   CONN herbarium image

Maianthemum trifolium (Linnaeus) Sloboda - . 2n = 36.

Sphagnum bogs, sphagnous shores and woods. [Smilacina trifolia (Linnaeus) Desfontaines]   NEBC herbarium image

MALAXIS (Family: Orchidaceae)

Malaxis bayardii Fernald - . 2n = ?.

Dry, sandy woods and clearings.

Malaxis monophyllos (Linnaeus) Swartz var. brachypoda (A. Gray) F. Morris & E.A. Eames - . 2n = 28.

Thuja swamps and thickets. [M. brachypoda (A. Gray) Fernald]

Malaxis unifolia Michaux - Green Adder's-mouth. 2n = ?.

Woods, borders of swamps or bogs.

MALUS (Family: Rosaceae)

MALUS BACCATA (Linnaeus) Borkhausen - Siberian Crabapple. 2n = 34.

Roadsides, woodland margins, thickets, clearings, sandy, waste areas. From eastern and southern Asia. [PYRUS BACCATA Linnaeus]

MALUS FLORIBUNDA Siebold ex Van Houtte - Japanese Flowering Crabapple. 2n = 34.

Fields, woodland margins. Origin unknown.

MALUS PRUNIFOLIA (Willdenow) Borkhausen - Chinese Apple. 2n = 34, (51).

Waste places, roadsides, thickets, wooded terraces. From China. [PYRUS PRUNIFOLIA Willdenow]

MALUS PUMILA Miller - Common Apple. 2n = 34, (51), (68).

Open woods, thickets, fields, roadsides, woodland margins, clearings. From Eurasia. [M. DOMESTICA – misapplied; M. SYLVESTRIS Miller; PYRUS MALUS Linnaeus]

MALUS TORINGO (Siebold) de Vriese - Toringo Crabapple. 2n = (34), 51, (68), (85).

Rich woods, railroads, thickets, swampy woodland margins, open, rocky knolls. From eastern Asia. [M. SARGENTII Rehder; M. SIEBOLDII (Regel) Rehder -- illegitiate name; PYRUS SIEBOLDII Regel -- illegitimate name]

Malus hybrids


[M. BACCATA (Linnaeus) Borkhausen X M. PUMILA Miller]

MALUS X ARNOLDIANA (Rehder) Sargent ex Rehder - .

[M. BACCATA (Linnaeus) Borkhausen X M. FLORIBUNDA Siebold ex Van Houtte; PYRUS ARNOLDIANA (Rehder) Bean]


[M. PUMILA Miller X M. SPECTABILIS (Aiton) Borkhausen]

MALUS X MICROMALUS Makino (pro species) - .

[? M. BACCATA (Linnaeus) Borkhausen X M. SPECTABILIS (Aiton) Borkhausen]

MALUS X SOULARDII (L.H. Bailey) Britton (pro species) - .

[? M. IOENSIS (Alph. Wood) Britton X M. PUMILA Miller; PYRUS X SOULARDII L.H. Bailey]

MALVA (Family: Malvaceae)

MALVA ALCEA Linnaeus - Vervain Mallow. 2n = 84.

Roadsides, waste places. From Europe, Turkey.

MALVA MOSCHATA Linnaeus - Musk Mallow. 2n = 42.

Roadsides, fields, waste places. From Europe, Turkey.

MALVA NEGLECTA Wallroth - Common Mallow. 2n = 42, (84).

Waste places, roadsides, fields. From Eurasia, northern Africa. [M. ROTUNDIFOLIA Linnaeus - rejected name]

MALVA PARVIFLORA Linnaeus - Cheeseweed. 2n = 42.

Waste places. From Eurasia, northern Africa.

MALVA PUSILLA Smith - Dwarf Mallow. 2n = 42.

Fields, waste places, roadsides. From Eurasia. [M. ROTUNDIFOLIA Linnaeus - rejected name]

MALVA SYLVESTRIS Linnaeus - High Mallow. 2n = 42.

Waste places, roadsides. From Eurasia, northern Africa. [M. SYLVESTRIS var. MAURITANIA (Linnaeus) Boissier]

MALVA VERTICILLATA Linnaeus - Chinese Mallow. 2n = 84, 112, (120).

Waste places, roadsides. From China. [M. VERTICILLATA var. CRISPA Linnaeus; M. CRISPA (Linnaeus) Linnaeus]

MALVASTRUM (Family: Malvaceae)

MALVASTRUM COROMANDELIANUM (Linnaeus) Garcke - . 2n = 24.

Wool waste. From Texas, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, South America.

MARRUBIUM (Family: Lamiaceae)

MARRUBIUM VULGARE Linnaeus - Common Horehound. 2n = 34, (36).

Waste places, roadsides. From Eurasia, northwestern Africa.

MARSILEA (Family: Marsileaceae)

MARSILEA QUADRIFOLIA Linnaeus - Water Clover. 2n = 40.

Lakes, ponds and quiet streams. From Europe. NEBC herbarium image

MATRICARIA (Family: Asteraceae)

MATRICARIA CHAMOMILLA Linnaeus - German Chamomile. 2n = 18, (36).

Waste places, roadsides. From Eurasia, northern Africa. [M. CHAMOMILLA var. CORONATA J. Gay ex Boissier; M. RECUTITA Linnaeus]

MATRICARIA DISCOIDEA de Candolle - Pineapple-weed. 2n = 18.

Waste places, roadsides, fields. From farther west. [M. MATRICARIOIDES - misapplied]

MATTEUCCIA (Family: Onocleaceae)

Matteuccia struthiopteris (Linnaeus) Todaro - Ostrich Fern. 2n = 78, 80.

Alluvium, bottomland thickets, swamps and moist woods, often in circumneutral soils. [M. struthiopteris var. pensylvanica (Willdenow) C.V. Morton; M. pensylvanica (Willdenow) Raymond; Pteretis pensylvanica (Willdenow) Fernald] NEBC herbarium image

MAZUS (Family: Mazaceae)

MAZUS PUMILUS (Burman (son)) Steenis - . 2n = (16), (24), 40, (52).

Waste places. From eastern Asia, India. [M. JAPONICUS (Thunberg) Kuntze]

MEDEOLA (Family: Liliaceae)

Medeola virginiana Linnaeus - Indian Cucumber Root. 2n = 14, (21).

Rich woods.

MEDICAGO (Family: Fabaceae)

MEDICAGO ARABICA (Linnaeus) Hudson - Spotted Medick. 2n = 16.

Waste places. From Eurasia, northern Africa.

MEDICAGO LACINIATA (Linnaeus) Miller - . 2n = 16.

Wool waste, waste places. From south central and southwestern Asia, Africa. [TRIGONELLA LACINIATA – misapplied]

MEDICAGO LUPULINA Linnaeus - Black Medick. 2n = 16, (32).

Roadsides, waste places, fields. From Eurasia, northern Africa. [M. LUPULINA var. GLANDULOSA Neilreich]

MEDICAGO MINIMA (Linnaeus) Linnaeus ex Bartalini - Bur Medick. 2n = 16.

Wool waste, waste places, fields, dry, open soil. From Eurasia, northern Africa. [M. MINIMA var. COMPACTA Neyraut; M. MINIMA var. LONGISETA de Candolle]

MEDICAGO MONANTHA (C.A. Meyer) Trautvetter - . 2n = (30), 44, (48).

Waste places. From south central and southwestern Asia.

MEDICAGO POLYMORPHA Linnaeus - Toothed Medick. 2n = 14, 16.

Wool waste, waste places. From Eurasia, northern Africa. [M. POLYMORPHA var. VULGARIS – superfluous name]

MEDICAGO PRAECOX de Candolle - Mediterranean Medick. 2n = 14, 16.

Wool waste. From northern and eastern Mediterranean.

MEDICAGO RIGIDULA (Linnaeus) Allioni - Tifton Medick. 2n = 14, 16.

Wool waste. From Eurasia, northern Africa. [M. AGRESTIS Tenore]

MEDICAGO SATIVA Linnaeus subsp. SATIVA - Alfalfa. 2n = 32.

Roadsides, fields, waste places, meadows. From southwestern Asia.

MEDICAGO SATIVA Linnaeus subsp. FALCATA (Linnaeus) Arcangeli - Yellow Alfalfa. 2n = 16, 32.

Roadsides, waste places, wool waste. From Eurasia, northern Africa. [M. FALCATA Linnaeus]

MEDICAGO SATIVA Linnaeus subsp. VARIA (Martyn) Arcangeli - Bastard Medick. 2n = 32.

Roadsides, fields, waste places. From Eurasia. [M. SATIVA subsp. SATIVA X M. SATIVA subsp. FALCATA (Linnaeus) Arcangeli; M. SYLVESTRIS Fries]

MELAMPYRUM (Family: Orobanchaceae)

Melampyrum lineare Desrousseaux - American Cow-wheat. 2n = 18.

Dry woods or oak-scrub, grassy or rocky fields and clearings, roadsides, thickets of lowbush blueberries. [M. lineare var. americanum (Michaux) Beauverd; M. lineare var. latifolium W.P.C. Barton; M. lineare var. pectinatum (Pennell) Fernald]

MELILOTUS (Family: Fabaceae)

MELILOTUS ALBUS Medikus - White Sweet-clover. 2n = 16, (32).

Roadsides, waste places, fields, rich woods. From Eurasia.

MELILOTUS INDICUS (Linnaeus) Allioni - . 2n = 16, (18).

Waste places, roadsides, fields, riverbanks. From Eurasia, northern Africa.

MELILOTUS OFFICINALIS (Linnaeus) Lamarck - Yellow Sweet-clover. 2n = 16.

Roadsides, waste places, fields, railroads. From Eurasia.

MELISSA (Family: Lamiaceae)

MELISSA OFFICINALIS Linnaeus - Common Balm. 2n = 32, 64.

Waste places, roadsides. From Eurasia, northwestern Africa.

MENISPERMUM (Family: Menispermaceae)

Menispermum canadense Linnaeus - Moonseed. 2n = 52.

Rich woods, thickets, stream banks.

MENTHA (Family: Lamiaceae)

MENTHA AQUATICA Linnaeus var. CITRATA (Ehrhart) Fresenius - Bergamot Mint. 2n = 96.

Waste places, roadsides. From Europe. [M. CITRATA Ehrhart]

MENTHA ARVENSIS Linnaeus subsp. PARIETARIIFOLIA (Becker) Briquet - Ginger Mint. 2n = 54, (60), 72.

Wet places, roadsides, fields, waste places. From Europe. [M. GENTILIS Linnaeus]

Mentha canadensis Linnaeus - American Corn Mint. 2n = (36), (54), 72, 96.

Moist, open soils, shores, fields, roadsides. [M. canadensis var. villosa Bentham; M. arvensis var. arvensis misapplied; M. arvensis Linnaeus var. canadensis (Linnaeus) Kuntze; M. arvensis var. villosa (Bentham) S.R. Stewart]

MENTHA SPICATA Linnaeus var. SPICATA - Spearmint. 2n = 36, 48, (54), (64), (72), (84).

Wet thickets, wet fields, shores, roadsides, waste places. From Europe. [M. LONGIFOLIA var. LONGIFOLIA misapplied; M. LONGIFOLIA var. MOLLISSIMA misapplied; M. VIRIDIS (Linnaeus) Linnaeus]

MENTHA SUAVEOLENS Ehrhart subsp. SUAVEOLENS (Becker) Briquet - Apple Mint. 2n = (18), 24, (42).

Swales, waste places. From Europe.

Mentha hybrids

MENTHA X GRACILIS Sole (pro species) - Scotch Spearmint.

[M. ARVENSIS Linnaeus X M. SPICATA Linnaeus; M. CARDIACA J. Gerarde ex Baker]

MENTHA X PIPERITA Linnaeus (pro species) - Peppermint.

[M. AQUATICA Linnaeus X M. SPICATA Linnaeus; M. CRISPA Linnaeus]

MENTHA X ROTUNDIFOLIA (Linnaeus) Hudson (pro species) - .

[M. LONGIFOLIA (Linnaeus) Linnaeus X M. SUAVEOLENS Ehrhart]


[M. AQUATICA Linnaeus X M. ARVENSIS Linnaeus X M. SPICATA Linnaeus]

MENTHA X VERTICILLATA Linnaeus (pro species) - .

[M. AQUATICA Linnaeus X M. ARVENSIS Linnaeus]

MENTHA X VILLOSA Hudson (pro species) - .


MENTZELIA (Family: Loasaceae)

MENTZELIA OLIGOSPERMA Nuttall ex Sims - . 2n = 22.

Wool waste. From farther west.

MENYANTHES (Family: Menyanthaceae)

Menyanthes trifoliata Linnaeus - Buckbean. 2n = 54, (108).

Bogs, pond margins, shallow water. [M. trifoliata var. minor Fernald]

MERCURIALIS (Family: Euphorbiaceae)

MERCURIALIS ANNUA Linnaeus - Herb Mercury. 2n = 16, (32), (48), (56), (64), (80), (96), (112).

Waste places. From Eurasia, northern Africa.

MERTENSIA (Family: Boraginaceae)

Mertensia maritima (Linnaeus) Gray subsp. tenella (Th. Fries) Elven & Skarpaas - . 2n = 24.

Sea beaches, often gravelly.

MERTENSIA PANICULATA (Aiton) G. Don ex Link - . 2n = 24, 48, 72.

Riverbanks. From farther west.

MERTENSIA VIRGINICA (Linnaeus) Persoon ex Link - Virginia Cowslip. 2n = 24.

Waste places. From farther west and south.

MICRANTHES (Family: Saxifragaceae)

Micranthes foliolosa (R. Brown) Gornall - Leafy Saxifrage. 2n = (40), 56.

Mossy, alpine rocks. [Saxifraga stellaris Linnaeus var. comosa Retzius]

Micranthes pensylvanica (Linnaeus) Haworth - Swamp Saxifrage. 2n = 56, 84, 112.

Swamps, wet meadows, boggy thickets. [Saxifraga pensylvanica Linnaeus var. pensylvanica; S. pensylvanica var. purpuripetala (A.M. Johnson) Bush]

Micranthes virginiensis (Michaux) Small - Early Saxifrage. 2n = 20, 28, (38).

Open rocky woods, rock outcrops, ledges, rocky hillsides. [Saxifraga virginiensis Michaux]

MICROSERIS (Family: Asteraceae)

MICROSERIS DOUGLASII (de Candolle) Schultz-Bipontinus subsp. DOUGLASII - 2n = 18.

Wool waste. From farther west.

MICROSTEGIUM (Family: Poaceae)

MICROSTEGIUM VIMINEUM (Trinius) A. Camus - . 2n = 40.

Roadsides. From tropical Asia.

MIKANIA (Family: Asteraceae)

Mikania scandens (Linnaeus) Willdenow - Climbing Hempweed. 2n = (30), (36), 38.

Wet thickets, swamps, stream banks, pond or lake margins, marshes.

MILIUM (Family: Poaceae)

Milium effusum Linnaeus - . 2n = (14), (26), 28, (42).

Rich woods.

MIMULUS (Family: Phrymaceae)

Mimulus alatus Aiton - . 2n = 22.

Muddy or marshy shores, meadows, alluvial soil.

Mimulus ringens Linnaeus var. ringens - . 2n = 16, 22, 24.

Muddy shores, swamp margins, meadows, marshy shores, wet woods. [M. ringens var. minthoides (Greene) A.L. Grant]

Mimulus ringens Linnaeus var. colpophilus Fernald - . 2n = ?

Estuaries, marshy or sandy river shores, river meadows.

MINUARTIA (Family: Caryophyllaceae)

Minuartia caroliniana (Walter) Mattfeld - Pine-barren Sandwort. 2n = ?

Dry, open, sandy soil. [Arenaria caroliniana Walter]

Minuartia glabra (Michaux) Mattfeld - Appalachian Stitchwort. 2n = 20.

Siliceous, wooded outcrops. [Arenaria groenlandica (Retzius) Sprengel var. glabra (Michaux) Fernald]

Minuartia groenlandica (Retzius) Ostenfeld - Mountain Sandwort. 2n = 20.

Granitic ledges. [Arenaria groenlandica (Retzius) Sprengel var. groenlandica]

Minuartia marcescens (Fernald) House - Serpentine Sandwort. 2n = ?

Magnesium ledges. [Arenaria marcescens Fernald]

Minuartia michauxii (Fenzel) Farwell - Rock Sandwort. 2n = 30, 44.

Dry, calcareous ledges. [Arenaria stricta Michaux]

Minuartia rubella (Wahlenberg) Hiern - Boreal Sandwort. 2n = 24, (26).

Calcareous rocks. [Arenaria rubella (Wahlenberg) Smith]

MIRABILIS (Family: Nyctaginaceae)

MIRABILIS ALBIDA (Walter) Heimerl - . 2n = 58.

Dry, sandy waste places, roadsides. From farther west. [M. HIRSUTA (Pursh) MacMillan]

MIRABILIS JALAPA Linnaeus var. JALAPA - Marvel-of-Peru. 2n = 54, 58, (116).

Waste places, roadsides. From Mexico.

MIRABILIS LINEARIS (Pursh) Heimerl var. LINEARIS - . 2n = 40, 52.

Dry, open soil, disturbed areas. From farther west.

MIRABILIS NYCTAGINEA (Michaux) MacMillan - Wild Four-o'-clock. 2n = (52), 58.

Waste places, railroads, cracks in urban pavements. From farther west.

MISCANTHUS (Family: Poaceae)

MISCANTHUS SACCHARIFLORUS (Maximowicz) Bentham & Hooker (son) ex Franchet - Amur Silvergrass. 2n= 38, 40, 57, 64, 76, 95.

Roadsides, waste places. From eastern Asia.

MISCANTHUS SINENSIS Andersson - Eulalia. 2n = 28, 38, 40, 46.

Roadsides, old fields. From China.

MISOPATES (Family: Plantaginaceae)

MISOPATES ORONTIUM (Linnaeus) Rafinesque subsp. ORONTIUM - Weasel’s-snout. 2n = (14), 16, (32).

Waste places, moist ditches. From Eurasia, northern and eastern Africa. [ANTIRRHINUM ORONTIUM Linnaeus]

MITCHELLA (Family: Rubiaceae)

Mitchella repens Linnaeus - Partridge-berry. 2n = 22.


MITELLA (Family: Saxifragaceae)

Mitella diphylla Linnaeus - Fairy-cup. 2n = 14.

Rich woods.

Mitella nuda Linnaeus - Naked Miterwort. 2n = 14, 28.

Wet woods, swamps, often in moss. [M. prostrata Michaux]

MOEHRINGIA (Family: Caryophyllaceae)

Moehringia lateriflora (Linnaeus) Fenzl - Grove Sandwort. 2n = (24), 48, (50).

Woods, meadows, gravelly shores. [Arenaria lateriflora Linnaeus]

Moehringia macrophylla (Hooker) Fenzl - 2n = 24, 48.

Shaded ledges in humus, often with Hypnum, chiefly in magnesium or basic areas. [Arenaria macrophylla Hooker]

MOLINIA (Family: Poaceae)

MOLINIA CAERULEA (Linnaeus) Moench - Moorgrass. 2n = (18), 36, (90).

Dry fields. From Europe.

MOLLUGO (Family: Molluginaceae)

Mollugo verticillata Linnaeus - Carpetweed. 2n = 64.

Waste places, roadsides, fields, sandy riverbanks.

MOMORDICA (Family: Cucurbitaceae)

MOMORDICA CHARANTIA Linnaeus - Bitter Melon. 2n = 22.

Waste places. From tropical Africa, tropical Asia, northeastern Australia, south central and southwestern Pacific.

MONARDA (Family: Lamiaceae)

MONARDA CLINOPODIA Linnaeus - Basil Bee-balm. 2n = 36.

Roadsides, low woodlands. From farther south and west.

MONARDA DIDYMA Linnaeus - Oswego-tea. 2n = (32), 36.

Roadsides, waste places, woodland margins, thickets, fields, clearings. From farther south and west.

Monarda fistulosa Linnaeus var. fistulosa - Wild Bergamot. 2n = (18), (32), 36.

Roadsides, open woodlands, clearings, thickets, fencerows, meadows, fields, railroads, streambanks, waste places. [M. fistulosa var. mollis (Linnaeus) Bentham]

Monarda punctata Linnaeus var. villicaulis (Pennell) E.J. Palmer & Steyermark - . 2n = 22, 24.

Sandy fields and roadsides, dry, sandy soil.

Monarda hybrid

MONARDA X MEDIA Willdenow - Purple Bergamot.

Roadsides, thickets, fencerows, woodland margins. [M. FISTULOSA var. RUBRA A. Gray; consisting of varying hybridization between >M. fistulosa and M. CLINOPODIA or M. DIDYMA] ]

MONESES (Family: Ericaceae)

Moneses uniflora (Linnaeus) A. Gray - Wood-nymph. 2n = 22, 24, 26, 32.

Dry, mossy, rich or rocky woods.

MONOLEPIS (Family: Amaranthaceae)

MONOLEPIS NUTTALLIANA (Schultes) Greene - Povertyweed. 2n = 18.

Waste places. From farther west. [M. CHENOPODIOIDES Moquin-Tandon]

MONOTROPA (Family: Ericaceae)

Monotropa hypopitys Linnaeus - Pinesap. 2n = (16), 48.

Leaf mold in woods. [Hypopitys lanuginosa (Michaux) Rafinesque; H. monotropa Crantz]

Monotropa uniflora Linnaeus - Indian-pipe. 2n = 32, 48.

Leaf mold in woods.

MONTIA (Family: Montlaceae)

Montia fontana Linnaeus - Water Blinks. 2n = (18), 20, (40).

Moist woods, springy slopes. [M. lamprosperma Chamisso]

MONTIA LINEARIS (Douglas) Greene - . 2n = 24, 28.

Fields. From western North America.

MORELLA (Family: Myricaceae)

Morella pensylvanica (Mirbel) Kartesz - Northern Bayberry. 2n = 16.

Woodland borders, thickets, ledges, on sterile soil, primarily near the coast. [Myrica pensylvanica Mirbel]

MORUS (Family: Moraceae)

MORUS ALBA Linnaeus - White Mulberry. 2n = 28, (42).

Waste areas, roadsides. From eastern Asia.

Morus rubra Linnaeus - Red Mulberry. 2n = 28.

Rich woods, in calcareous soil, riverbanks.

MUHLENBERGIA (Family: Poaceae)

MUHLENBERGIA ALOPECUROIDES (Grisebach) P.M. Peterson & Columbus - Bristly Wolftail. 2n = 40.

Wool waste. From farther west. [LYCURUS SETOSUS (Nuttall) C. Reeder; Vouchers originally misidentified as LYCURUS PHLEOIDES Kunth.]

Muhlenbergia capillaris (Lamarck) Trinius - Hairgrass. 2n = ?

Dry, exposed ledges.

Muhlenbergia frondosa (Poiret) Fernald - . 2n = 40.

Damp, open woods, shores.

Muhlenbergia glomerata (Willdenow) Trinius - Marsh Muhly. 2n = 20, 40.

Swamps, meadows, bogs. [M. glomerata var. cinnoides (Link) F.J. Hermann]

Muhlenbergia mexicana (Linnaeus) Trinius var. mexicana - . 2n = 40.

Shores, wet woods, roadsides.

MUHLENBERGIA RACEMOSA (Michaux) Britton, Sterns & Poggenburg - . 2n = 40.

Dry soil, railroads. From farther west.

Muhlenbergia richardsonis (Trinius) Rydberg - Mat Muhly. 2n = 40.

Gravelly river shores.

Muhlenbergia schreberi J.F. Gmelin - Nimble Will. 2n = 20, 40.

Disturbed, damp or wet places, lawns, gardens, roadsides.

Muhlenbergia sobolifera (Muhlenberg ex Willdenow) Trinius - . 2n = 40.

Dry woods (often rocky and calcareous).

Muhlenbergia sylvatica (Torrey) Torrey ex A. Gray - . 2n = 40.

Gravelly shores, rich woods. [M. sylvatica var. robusta Fernald]

Muhlenbergia tenuiflora (Willdenow) Britton, Sterns & Poggenburg - . 2n = 40.

Rocky woods, shaded cliffs.

Muhlenbergia uniflora (Muhlenberg) Fernald - . 2n = ca. 42.

Bogs, meadows, sandy shores, roadsides.

MUSCARI (Family: Asparagaceae)

MUSCARI BOTRYOIDES (Linnaeus) Miller - Grape-hyacinth. 2n = 18, 36, (48), (54).

Pastures, fields, roadsides, waste places. From Europe.   CONN herbarium image

MUSCARI NEGLECTUM Gussone ex Tenore - Blue-bottle. 2n = 18, 27, (28), 36, 45, 54, (63), (72).

Fields, roadsides, lawns, waste places. From Europe. [M. ATLANTICUM Boissier & Reuter; M. RACEMOSUM (Linnaeus) Lamarck & de Candolle]   CONN herbarium image

MYCELIS (Family: Asteraceae)

MYCELIS MURALIS (Linnaeus) Dumortier - 2n = 18.

Roadsides, woodland margins or openings, waste places. From Eurasia, northern Africa. [LACTUCA MURALIS (Linnaeus) Gaertner - invalid name]

MYOSOTIS (Family: Boraginaceae)

MYOSOTIS ARVENSIS (Linnaeus) Hill - . 2n = (36), 48, 52, (54), (66).

Roadsides, waste places, fields. From Eurasia, northwestern Africa.

Myosotis laxa Lehmann - Smaller Forget-me-not. 2n = 84, 88.

Springs, muddy or gravelly shores.

MYOSOTIS SCORPIOIDES Linnaeus - True Forget-me-not. 2n = (22), (44), (64), 66.

Springs, muddy shores, quiet water, wet ditches, swampy meadows, and other wet ground. From Eurasia.

MYOSOTIS STRICTA Link ex Roemer & Schultes - . 2n = (24), (36), 48.

Old fields, roadsides, waste places, often in rocky soil. From Eurasia, northwestern Africa. [M. MICRANTHA misapplied]

MYOSOTIS SYLVATICA Hoffmann - Garden Forget-me-not. 2n = (14), 18, (20), (22), (24), (32), (48).

Roadsides, waste places. From Eurasia.

Myosotis verna Nuttall - Early Scorpion-grass. 2n = ?

Dry, rocky woodlands, ledges, open banks.

MYOSOTON (Family: Caryophyllaceae)

MYOSOTON AQUATICUM (Linnaeus) Moench - Water Chickweed. 2n = (20), 28, (29).

Stream banks, meadows, alluvial woods. From Eurasia. [Stellaria aquatica (Linnaeus) Scopoli]

MYOSURUS (Family: Ranunculaceae)

MYOSURUS MINIMUS Linnaeus - Little Mousetail. 2n = 16, (28).

Fields. From farther west and south.

MYRICA (Family: Myricaceae)

Myrica gale Linnaeus - Sweet Gale. 2n = (16), 48, (80), (96).

Shallow water at edges of ponds, lakes, streams, swamps, bogs. [M. gale var. subglabra (A. Chevalier) Fernald]

MYRIOPHYLLUM (Family: Haloragaceae)

Myriophyllum alterniflorum de Candolle - . 2n = 14.

Quiet water of ponds, lakes and streams.

MYRIOPHYLLUM AQUATICUM (Vellozo) Verdcourt - Parrot’s-feather. 2n = ca. 48.

Quiet water of ponds and streams. From South America.

Myriophyllum farwellii Morong - . 2n = 14.

Quiet water of ponds and streams.


Quiet water of ponds, lakes and streams. From farther south and west.

Myriophyllum humile (Rafinesque) Morong - . 2n = ?

Quiet water of ponds, lakes and streams, shorelines of receding waters.

Myriophyllum pinnatum (Walter) Britton, Sterns & Poggenburg - . 2n = ?

Peaty or muddy shores, shallow waters.

Myriophyllum sibiricum Komarov - Siberian Water-milfoil. 2n = (14), 42.

Quiet waters of lakes, ponds, and streams, in circumneutral or calcareous water. [M. exalbescens Fernald]

MYRIOPHYLLUM SPICATUM Linnaeus - Eurasian Water-milfoil. 2n = 28, 36, 42.

Quiet waters of lakes, ponds, and streams, in circumneutral or calcareous water. From Eurasia, northwestern Africa.

Myriophyllum tenellum Bigelow - . 2n = 14.

Shallow water, or sandy or muddy shores, of of circumneutral or acidic ponds and lakes.

Myriophyllum verticillatum Linnaeus - . 2n = 28, (42).

Quiet water of ponds, lakes and streams. [M. verticillatum var. pectinatum Wallroth; M. verticillatum sbsp. pectinatum Piper &Beattie]

Myriophyllum hybrids

MYRIOPHYLLUM HETEROPHYLLUM Michaux X M. LAXUM Shuttleworth ex Chapman - .

MYRIOPHYLLUM HETEROPHYLLUM Michaux X M. pinnatum (Walter) Britton, Sterns & Poggenburg - .

MYRIOPTERIS (Family: Pteridaceae)

Myriopteris lanosa (Michaux) Grusz & Windham - Hairy Lip Fern. 2n = 60.

Rocks and cliffs, calcareous or siliceous. [Cheilanthes lanosa (Michaux) D.C. Eaton; C. vestita (Sprengel) Swartz]   GH herbarium image

MYRRHIS (Family: Apiaceae)

MYRRHIS ODORATA (Linnaeus) Scopoli - Garden Myrrh. 2n = 22.

Roadsides, hedgerows. From Europe.

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